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Spacehockey priority list…

April 19, 2010

First and foremost to least and last:

Optimize the 2d mode until it runs smooth on eris
Rewrite activity life cycle code
Add more sndfx
Add music
Design and create new fancy layoouts
Add transitions to layouts
Sndfx for transition

After that is all done I will then add a tournement(story) mode that features several unique opponents and arenas!


What I have been doing with spacehockey..

April 19, 2010

Well let’s see. I:
Created a 3d opengl background of a starfield
Then after testing with a friends phone and noticing that the game ran way to slow on the eris..
I had to completly rework a large part of the gfx routine.. and disable opengl for android < v2 devices.
Figured out how, screen to implement screen/layout transitions
Swiched the scoreboard displays over to layout based
Merged the two seperate layout schemes into 1 that works for all android versions