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I just tested it on my friends ares

March 25, 2010

And it did not work! Funny because it worked fine on the emulator that was setup as a ares.. but after some work I squashed the bug and got it running, with a few problems I still need to fix before I release a bugix version.

Bomb center floats
Exposion moves off center


Things todo for next version

March 21, 2010

1 Make walls glow
1 Make part of wall hit spark etc
1 Fix thruster black pixels
1 You score sndfx
1 You lose/win sndfx
1 Add report issue with link to blog
2 Animate background (star objects with motion sense)
2 Add music
2 Change goal so puck can continue off screen
6 Screen transitions

* 1 design what they should look like
* 2 re create layouts
* 1 research how to animate layouts
* 1 bugs
* 1 sndfx


The problem is.

March 11, 2010

The problem is that if a phone that is running 1.5 even notices a command comming up that is post 1.5 then the phone will throw a verify error regardless of if the statement would of ever actually been executed.

So as a result of this, you must put that code in the wrapper class..

Also you must not try to initialize the wrapper class if the system is running 1.5


Supporting multiple phones with different os versions

March 10, 2010

Wow what a pain in the behind! Most Android phones eather have android 1.5,1.6 or 2.01. And each version has roughly about as many users! So to really get space hockey out there I am going to need to create one distribution that somehow is compatible with all three versions! Tbis normally would be easy multi touch which is a key feature of space hockey is only supported by version 2.01+


Hello world!

March 10, 2010

This is my little personal blog regarding my endevors creating video/phone games!