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Things todo for next version

March 21, 2010

1 Make walls glow
1 Make part of wall hit spark etc
1 Fix thruster black pixels
1 You score sndfx
1 You lose/win sndfx
1 Add report issue with link to blog
2 Animate background (star objects with motion sense)
2 Add music
2 Change goal so puck can continue off screen
6 Screen transitions

* 1 design what they should look like
* 2 re create layouts
* 1 research how to animate layouts
* 1 bugs
* 1 sndfx


The problem is.

March 11, 2010

The problem is that if a phone that is running 1.5 even notices a command comming up that is post 1.5 then the phone will throw a verify error regardless of if the statement would of ever actually been executed.

So as a result of this, you must put that code in the wrapper class..

Also you must not try to initialize the wrapper class if the system is running 1.5